Rules and Pricing


These are street legal machines and are not for off-roading but rather a fun and unique was to take a scenic drive and self-tour popular spots in the Great Smoky Mountains. They can travel many area roads in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg and on any road in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that has a speed limit of 40mph or less – which is miles of local roads. This is a great way to tour the Great Smoky Mountains, local towns and back-roads on your own, take in the fresh air, mountain scenery, and have a blast at the same time.


With anything as fun and fast as this, there has to be a few rules unfortunately, so here they are:

These are street legal machines and there are NO GOVERNORS (really!).  You need to be aware of your speed, obey speed limits and do not do brake torques or wheelies. If you get a ticket, you are responsible for it.

You must be a mature 21 or older and have a valid driver’s license with proof of proper insurance (for each driver). We reserve the right to not rent to you if we are getting a bad vibe.

Walk-ins are welcome. You don’t need a reservation but we may or may not have machines available.

To reserve a machine for a future date, we do not require a deposit. We are trying to keep this simple by not charging money up-front. All we want is a verbal promise or “pinky swear” you will be here at your scheduled time, and give us a courtesy call if you need to cancel so we can open it up for someone else.

Please look at the weather forecast prior to your departure, if you decide not to go due to potential rain, there is no penalty for cancelling. But once you leave our parking lot there are no refunds for early returns, inclement weather or traffic.

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your rental time to sign the contract, provide proof of insurance and inspect the machine for prior damage, if any.  If you are running late for your reservation please keep in contact with us.

These are legal on roads that have a speed limit of 40mph or LESS (per state law). Most of the popular local roads are 35mph, including The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We have free maps available of popular travel destinations, but there are probably some we don’t even know about. You can go for miles and miles and miles and miles on speed legal roads.

None of our machines may be driven “off-road”, they are all street legal and must be kept on paved roads. If you go off-roading, you will be responsible for all fees, fines and damages that are accrued.

If there will be any additional drivers, we will need a valid driver license and proof of insurance for every driver and they must also sign the contract.

Upon your return of the machine, you must fill the tank.  If the machine is brought back excessively dirty/muddy or empty you will be charged a $50 fee.

If you are bringing kiddos, they must follow the same rules as regular vehicles as far as car seats and booster seats. You will need to provide your own booster or car seat.

There is a cargo area in the back of each machine that will hold moderately sized coolers. We have bungee cords to secure anything you want to store in the back.



We do not provide, nor charge extra for insurance. You will need to provide proof of proper insurance for every driver.



The following prices INCLUDE taxes. There are no other hidden fees. The only extra cost you will incur is gas (usually around $10 for a 3hr ride). Our pricing is as follows:

2 hours $140.00

3 hours $205.00

4 hours $263.00

6 hours $369.00

8 hours $439.00

Your time in the machine does not start until you pull out of our parking lot.